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The concert sound industry is constantly evolving. Bands and artists are increasingly being recorded for live CDs, DVDs, Internet releases and for general archive purposes; all are extremely valuable additional revenue streams for both the artist and service companies alike.

Secondly, with limited production rehearsals now being the norm, mix engineers require live recordings so that a “virtual sound check” can be performed. This removes the need to directly involve the artist, and all the associated additional expense and time that a traditional sound check or rehearsal process incurs. The “virtual sound check” also allows the mix engineer the time to fine tune his mix and use the full potential that digital console automation offers.

To help meet the concert sound industry’s requirements, KLARK TEKNIK has engineered an extremely easy to use, simple to setup, standalone hard disk recorder - the DN9696. This High Resolution Audio Recorder offers 96 tracks of 96kHz audio at 24bit, with a massive nine hours of internal storage. There is now no need for external computers linked to multiple non-roadworthy systems with complicated interconnections, just a
simple plug and play unit with dedicated Play, Stop and Record front panel transport controls.

The screen based software interface offers in-depth control of both recording and playback functions. There are echoes of the unique features of MIDAS’ digital audio systems within the DN9696, for example the use of POPulation groups to view, colour and edit tracks, an ‘Input Sheet’ for quickly naming all tracks as well as ‘dual operator’ control of the system.

The DN9696 occupies only 5U of rack space with very simple cable requirements and does not demand the expense of a dedicated recording technician. After all, all you really need is Record, Stop and Play.

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